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First Excerpt from The Sun & Stars!

Posted on October 3, 2013 at 9:05 PM

Enjoy the First Excerpt From …

The Sun & Stars

~ Out Tomorrow ~



I honestly don’t know if the theory of amor being a poison is as extreme as she claims, but even still, those claims seem to have no affect on me.

I married for my family. I remember that fateful morning as if it were yesterday.

I left the harbor on the ship of my father, before landing on the banks of what would be my new home when I took those vows of forever. 

I left to marry for familia, but I am now certain it was for amor.

The first moment I encountered my Philip was the moment my heart beat for the very first time.

Of course, I had known he was branded as “Philip the Handsome”, but I was unprepared for the lack of air that would enter my lungs when I first laid eyes on him.

His features were strong and sharp, with a long nose and angular chin. His body was tall and lean, while he maintained an obvious and glorious brawn that could only be attributed to daily athleticism.

But it was his eyes that had trapped me. They were unlike the rest of his features, lacking in brute masculinity. Their edges were soft and warm, hinting that he was kinder than the expression of seriousness that he wore on his face. He was beautiful. And I was in love.

Philip’s expression changed suddenly and he smiled at me, a twinkle gleaming in his eye, as if he were surprised by my appearance that day. I smiled back, hesitantly. I felt slightly giddy by the fantasy of my husband-to-be loving me, which had already begun weaving in my brain. If he didn’t love me now, he would later. I was sure of it at that moment.

After the formalities, we were officially casado. I think I was surprised after I signed my name on that parchment, solidifying the marriage. I didn’t feel any different.

I wanted to feel grown up, older than my sixteen years. I did not want to be a child taking on the role of a woman. I desired some sort of feeling of alacrity. But, as my madre would say, desire is a martyr for demise. Based on my experience, I suppose those are words of truth. If only desire was not so… tempting."


madre = mother         casado = married        amor = love        familia = family


I hope this excerpt was enticing enough to hold you over until tomorrow!   I have to say, I think I am a little partial to the second novella.  I know.   It's wrong.   You're supposed to love all your children equally… Does that count for literary offspring? ;)

Anyway, thank you for all your support!   We are five hours and counting until The Sun & Stars… Cue the fangirl squealing. :)

– Katlyn


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